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Rapenburg Plaza
Heijmerink Wagemakers

A high-end interactive workshop

Accenture receives the CEOs of their clients in the Innovation Centre in Amsterdam, where they embark on a tailor-made interactive workshop, developed by Kiss the Frog. During the workshop they develop a strategy together for the client's company.

These highly interactive and results-focused workshops are designed to help teams address a specific problem and sends them home with a clear plan of action on how to address it.

During creative sessions participants carry out interactive tests.

The entire workshop is controlled using a web application on a tablet. This application also sends commands to the showcontrol system, activating the lights, screens, curtains and switching the electronically controlled glass.

A custom made Content Management System (CMS) was one of the key deliverables. With the CMS, Accenture can set the workshop components in their desired order, tailoring the workshop experience to the specifics of each client.