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Complete home experience

Homestudios by BAM is an experience centre where future residents can personalise their new home. For this unique concept of constuction company BAM we developed several interactives. Homestudios includes hands-on interactives about floors, walls, tiles, toilets and lightning, 21 creation studios for productive conversations between residents and Homestudios specialists, and a real-life scale 3D studio. The result of the Homestudios is shown in the 3D studio. Residents watch a personal introshow which is projected on the floor and walls. It ends with the appearance of a life size floor plan of the future home. The residents can walk through their home and project the samples of, for example, the walls and floors in the room via the tablet. Via another tablet the bathroom or toilet can be showed in Augmented Reality.

Besides the hands-on interactives Kiss the Frog developed the 21 creation studios. In this room the visitor and a consultant sit at the table to discuss matters. A large touchscreen has been incorporated into the table on which the visitor and the consultant can view and adjust personal choices in “my environment”.

Future residents can review cooking plates, tiles, mirror lightning as well as toilets based on several criteria to choose what fits their needs best.

In the extension theater visitors experiences the effect of an expansion of the room using a sliding wall and projection of the view.

“You’ll experience your new house before you’re actually living there.”

Mario Broos, director BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland