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Learn how to handle money

The younger you are taught how to handle money, the smaller the chance of having money problems later on. This is the underlying idea and ambition, from which the Tax & Customs Museum has created MoneyLab, a physical place for education about financial fitness. MoneyLab is a colourful interactive exhibition in which young people aged from 10 to 14 years learn how to handle money properly. The visitors are challenged to earn money at ten different games. But they are also confronted with risks and temptations that can cause their balance to drop. In addition, they also learn what it is like to spend money. By playing games and making choices in dilemmas, young people are helped to develop their financial knowledge and skills. Can the students maintain a positive balance? Kiss the Frog co-developed the game concepts, designed and produced all interactive front-end software and provided the back-end system used for content management and storing visitor results for this tablet-based exhibition.

The exhibition is designed for individual visitors and for groups such as school classes. Groups start their visit together with an introduction video explaining the game, on a large screen. They also end their visit here by looking at the results and discussing them together. Individual visitors can see the explanation and results on their tablets.

Belasting en Douanemuseum Geldlab
Belasting en Douanemuseum Geldlab

The tablet application is the guideline for the player throughout the exhibition. It keeps track of which games have been played and how much money the player has. The amount borrowed and the amount saved is also shown, as well as the products won or purchased.

Belasting en Douanemuseum Geldlab
Belasting en Douanemuseum Geldlab

''Very nice sir! It doesn't really look like a museum.''

Primary school student, grade 7-8