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Creative Commons at Buffalo AKG Art Museum in the United States is a free-entrance space for visitors to explore art and creativity through play. Kiss the Frog designed and developed two interactive stations for this space. One station lets visitors connect with the museum's collection and the other station allows visitors to create something together. The first station is called 'Draw with a Partner', where two visitors draw a painting together, each on their own digital canvas. The results are shown on a third screen on the wall, displaying the last hundred artworks. The second station is 'Create, Scan & Show', where visitors see their LEGO creations come to life on a large digital gallery wall. Visitors start with building a LEGO creation, photograph their LEGO creation in the showcase and apply one of the art filters to the picture. The photo is then matched with other art pieces from the museum on the digital gallery wall. Visitors can take home a digital copy of their artwork and a photo of their creation by scanning a QR code. These digital souvenirs can be shared online with friends and family.

In the ‘Draw with a Partner’ station, two visitors draw a painting together at the same time, each on their own digital canvas. The works of art can be saved with a QR code and shared via social media.

In ‘Create, Scan & Show’, visitors see their LEGO creations come to life. A self-made artistic photo of their LEGO creation is displayed on the large digital gallery wall and matched with other works of art from the museum.

Buffalo AKG Art Museum
Buffalo AKG Art Museum

Visitors experience the art museum and its art historical concepts in a way that prioritizes fun and hands-on learning. A playful design welcomes everyone regardless of age, background, or experience with art.