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Learning from the past

In December 2019, King Willem-Alexander opened the renovated memorial Camp Vught. Kiss the Frog was responsible for the development of the interactive media for the permanent exhibition: "Camp Vught: 32,000 stories and seven seasons". During the second world war, Camp Vught was a concentration camp established by the German occupiers. In between January 1943 and September 1944 approximately 32,000 people were imprisoned in the camp. Amongst these were Jewish people, political prisoners, resistance fighters and hostages. In total there were people from 30 different nationalities imprisoned in the camp. The new exhibition at Camp Vught tells the story of this place from different perspectives, including those of the victims, perpetrators, bystanders and helpers. New stories, objects, insights and coloured historical photos have been used in a permanent exhibition that consists of seven chronologically-ordered 'islands'. Each island represents one season of Camp Vught during the war, and helps visitors to understand the history of this place.

Usings hundreds of different objects, personal stories, audio fragments and interactive exhibitions visitors can gain an impression of the 1.5 years that the camp was operational.

Visitors learn more about the living conditions inside Camp Vught. The interactive exhibition tells more about censorship, sending packages, and the secret signals that were communicated using handkerchiefs.

Throughout the exhibition visitors are presented with various dilemmas. The story of a family with two children is told. Visitors are asked “Which choice do you think you would have made?”

Visitors are matched with a prisoner from Camp Vught, on the basis of personal details such as gender, age and nationality. What was this person’s story?

“An impressive exhibition, it really sends you back in time.”

Jan, visitor