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Anne Reitsma

The Gang of Oss

The exhibition Dossier Oss tells the story of the ''Gang of Oss''. A number of criminal families who committed thousands of criminal offences in the period of 1890-1940, from stabbing and smashing windows to arson, robbery and even murder. The municipal police held little respect among the population and experienced problems gettings a grip on the crimes. Strengthening the military police helped to get the situation under control. In Dossier Oss, visitors meet the key figures from this turbulent period. They learn more about the unusual relationships between military police, police and members of the guild of crooks - and the political consequences of this disruption of the peace.

For this exhibition, Kiss the Frog developed an interactive where visitors can solve crimes. Crimes are solved by players around the table: who killed who, and how, but especially why?

Visitors compare and fact-check the witnesses and collect enough evidence to prove that a suspect is the offender, or that a rumor is wrong. In this game they find out who they can or cannot trust.


“Visitors linger for a long time to read everything and play the game.”

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