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Studio Louter
Atelier Alkema
Ata Tech

Museum + Heritage Award – Best Use of Digital
IDA Design Awards 2023 – Cultural Interior Design Museum

Eye Filmmuseum (©Jordi Wallenburg)

Throw and catch movies in the Film Catcher

Film Catcher is the new interactive film installation at Eye Filmmuseum. By searching visually, you discover how beautiful and diverse film can be. With more than thirty search filters, conjure up ever-changing collections of images. Use filters searching red, blue, or green or, for example, choose all fragments with an umbrella, a landscape, or bicycles in them. Be surprised by an ever-expanding number of clips taken from the 54,000 films in the Eye collection. Has a clip caught your eye? Capture it on your tablet and watch the entire film or read more about it. Kiss the Frog was responsible for the development of the tablet app, the projection software and the development of the associated backend system. In addition, Kiss the Frog worked on the integration with the hardware for the positioning of the tablets and the integration with the show control system.

In this film room, you can immerse yourself in images from a thousand¬†films from Eye’s rich collection and search them to your heart’s content.

There are nine tablets placed in fixed places in the room, on which you can choose from multiple filters, such as crowd, flowers, bicycles, dance, drawing, or landscape. By applying such a filter, you conjure up surprising image collections.

Eye Filmmuseum

The selected scenes are projected on the walls that surround the room. If you’re curious about what movie a scene is from, you can catch it on your tablet and, if you want, even watch the entire film.