Gouda Cheese Experience

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Heijmerink Wagemakers
Rapenburg Plaza

Learn everything about cheese

If you say Cheese, you say Gouda, and vice versa. The whole world knows it, the whole world eats it. But do you know the story behind Gouda cheese? Discover, feel, taste and experience everything about the world-famous Gouda cheese in the Gouda Cheese Experience. In a beautiful building in the heart of Gouda visitors will go on a unique and interactive journey through a golden yellow universe. The experience is a thematic attraction according to the walk-through principle. There are several interactive exhibits, where visitors can walk through the history of the cheese in a playful way. A visitor experience in which discovering, learning and having fun is key.

The experience includes several interactive games. Visitors can milk a cow, learn how to make cheese, play a cheesy quiz, learn how to speak a cheesy language and delve into the age-old art of negotiating with hand slaps.

Visitors experience what it is like to milk a cow. The screen shows an empty bucket, which fills up as soon as visitors physically start to milk the cow. A timer in the form of a cheese indicates the time. At the end of the game, the own score and the highest scores of the day are revealed. Moooooh!

Horse-trade and negotiate a good deal for a wheel of cheese. Ralfie (the mascot) makes an opening bid and visitors decide on their counter offer by slapping his hand.