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Digital memories from a day at the beach

The Hastings Pier in East Sussex was built in 1872. The Pier continues to inspire, entertain and thrill generations of visitors today, many travelling from miles around to promenade among the waves and enjoy tremendous ocean views. Kiss the Frog designed, prototyped, user-tested and built a multi-touch table interactive that encourages visitors to explore the heritage of seaside entertainment at Hastings Pier and to make personal and emotional connections with all the historic memorabilia.

In 2017 the pier won the National Piers Society ”Pier of the Year” award.
Photo: Daniel Shearing

The Deck Building has a permanent interactive exhibition charting the history of the Hastings Pier. Photos: Jim Stephenson

Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier

The interface is a playful “wheel of fortune” full of themed information, photos, videos and mini-games. Visitors can catch their own fish, choose between bathing suits from different eras, listen to a fortune teller’s predictions, or save the pier from a heavy storm.

“Kissing Frogs ... or working with the experts”

Beatrice Rapley, learning & education manager Hastings Pier Charity