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Aram Leeuw

Discover the fascinating Heineken Brewery

The Heineken Experience is one of Amsterdam’s premier tourist destinations, with more than 1,000,000 visitors every year. For Heineken, Kiss the Frog executed a complete refurbishment of an exhibition space which incorporates two fun chroma-keying experiences.

At the Karaoke Stage visitors record a video of themselves riding a bike through the chroma-keyed backdrop of Amsterdam, while singing the old Dutch favourite “Tulips from Amsterdam”.

In the photo booth, visitors take a photo of themselves with their face peeking out of a huge copper beer vat or a photo of themselves cheering with a beer.

Both souvenirs are perfect for sharing, which is facilitated by direct sharing functions integrated in the Digital Souvenirs platform. The visitors of this exhibition are particulary keen sharers, they produce up to 50,000 digital souvenirs per month!

In the ‘Tap Challenge’ visitors can draft a virtual beer. The beer glass contains a sensor, which registers wheather the visitors is holding the glass in the right angle under the tap to make the perfect foam head.

The Heineken Experience has a ‘Legendary Lane’, like the Holland Heineken House at the Olympic Games. Visitors can design their own tile with their own name and chosen olympic sport.

Kiss the Frog co-created the travelling experience ‘Trophy Tour’. The Heineken Experience includes one of the interactives where visitors take a selfie with one of the world’s most celebrated trophies, the UEFA Champions League cup.

''Fantastic! There is so much that you can do yourself that you're not bored even for a second!''

Visitor review, Tripadvisor