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Innovation and technology come together at ICER

Situated in the iconic venue of the former Ulft Ironworks, ICER is a public attrraction about technology and innovation, linking directly to the industrial background of the Achterhoek region. The center dedicates itself to awakening an enthusiasm for technology and production in young people. ICER allows the visitor to see and experience how precious and beautiful technical craftsmanship is, even this day in age, in a hands-on way. They can try out technologies from the past, contrasted with technologies from now - like 3D printing.

The past, the present and the future are explained in twelve pavilions. Each pavilion has its own theme which guides the visitor through the different stages of the production process, starting with an idea and ending at a product.

The visit begins with a high-tech photo capture: the visitor’s face is their ticket to the exhibition! Facial recognition is used throughout the exhibition space, to activate and play each interactive exhibit.

Amongst many other activities, visitors can operate a production line, watch archival videos at the “DRU-tube”, learn about the casting process, or explore the beauty of negative space.

The creations and results of their personal efforts are sent to their email address after their visit. Via the link they can view and share the results with family and friends.

“In one word, wow! Fun combination to learn and play!”

Tim, visitor review