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2014 – 2017


Danish Design Award 2018, category Feel Good
Thea Award, category Brand Center
Frame Award, category Best Use of Digital Technology
Nomination Children’s Museum Award
Nomination Museum of the Year Award

Experience the magic and endless possibilities of this legendary toy!

The Danish LEGOⓇ House in Billund offers innovative play experiences, co-designed and developed by Kiss the Frog. The twelve one-of-a-kind interconnected interactive exhibits, embodying LEGO’s ‘learning through play’ philosophy, were completed in close collaboration with LEGO over a period of three years. With this project, Kiss the Frog presents a perfect marriage between intuitive front-end design and smart back-end solutions.

Kiss the Frog joined this project in the early stages of the conceptual design phase, where we played an important strategic role. In the LEGO House, the digital layer is designed in a way that goes seamlessly hand in hand with the physical play.

Throughout the project duration of almost three years prototyping was essential. With highly informative custom-built prototypes in Delft, Eindhoven and Billund the interactive exhibits could be played and tested at an early stage.

Although LEGO has a big group of adult fans, it is first and foremost a product for children. That’s why children were invited to test the prototype exhibits in several stages of the process.

At three existing LEGO events (LEGO World Copenhagen 2015, 2016 and LEGO World Utrecht 2016) a secret test zone was created. This was the perfect opportunity to test prototypes of several of the interactives while they were being used by multiple people at once.

Visitors can take a snapshot with their constructions, keep the citizens of their town happy, create their own stop-motion video, browse nostalgically through the LEGO archive or free the frozen minifigs using their own LEGO robots.

The LEGO Map stations are spread throughout the building. Visitors can discover the whole house and capture their LEGO House creations to their wristband. All pictures, movies, rewards and collections that they made during their visit can be revisited, right from the moment they are created.

With only 6 LEGO bricks, it’s possible to build more then 915 million different combinations! At the end of their visit, each visitor gets a little bag with 6 bricks and an instruction card with their unique 6-bricks combination.

“I'm so excited! I can't wait to share this with the world!”

Stuart Harris, Senior Experience Designer, LEGO House