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Stories of Polish troups

The General Maczek Memorial is a permanent exhibition in the General Maczek Museum. The memorial is designed to keep alive the memory of the deployment of Polish troops, especially those of General Maczek's 1st Polish Armored Division. Under the leadership of General Stanislaw Maczek, large parts of The Netherlands and Belgium were recaptured from the Germans at the end of the Second World War. The Polish troups fought in Breda, and then entered Belgium, after which they also liberated Tielt. Kiss the Frog is responsible for the design and development of the interactive exhibits in the exhibition.

The memorial opened in June 2020 and offers a permanent exhibition, an information and documentation centre, a chamber of reflection and a movie theatre.

One of the interactive exhibits is a wall projection with three consoles. Every console contains the stories and life routes of two Polish soldiers. Whose story do you want to hear?

After visitors select their soldier, their story plays out on the large projection screen. Step by step hotspots light up on the map and show the life route of their chosen soldier. Meanwhile the story is told on the headphones.

Different accent colours show the connections between the consoles and the projections. Routes are plotted dynamically. Multiple stories are projected simultaneously, where the software makes sure that the routes do not visually overlap.

Another exhibit shows a historical map of Breda. Visitors can choose different locations, read stories about them and watch photos of then & now.

The stories are available in multiple languages. Visitors can switch easily between Polish, Dutch and English.