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Shipping, shopping and the global consumer

Gain insight into today’s shipping and modern consumer culture through movies, themes, installations and interactive games. 'The Magic Box' focuses on today’s shipping and its significance for you and me – from ships and logistics in the world’s largest container terminal to the modern consumer and the banana in our shopping cart.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik officially opened the exhibition. Of course he tried the interactives himself too!

How many countries are involved in the shipping of products? This is one of the questions in this exhibition. Visitors are tested on their knowledge, and experience how global everyday products actually are.

Visitors explore the logistics that are involved with international shipping. They create a transport chain to get an ordered product from the factory to a consumer.

At the end of the exhibition visitors are asked to answer questions about their daily life. How global or local are you?

“Communication with the team at Kiss the Frog was positive and inspiring throughout the process.”

Morten Tinning, Curator, Maritime Museum of Denmark