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National Geographic

Turn curiosity into a learning adventure

The National Geographic Ultimate Explorer (NGUX) is an interactive theme park where families can explore the planet using hands-on controls combined with virtual reality, video mapping, tracking and 4D effects. The experience is aimed at children aged between 5 and 14, and is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, astronauts, biologists, oceanographers and explorers. To become an ultimate explorer, children travel the globe and take on a series of gripping assignments. During their explorations, children communicate with animals, solve puzzles and overcome physical challenges. Basecamp is the first stop at the Ultimate Explorer Centre. Visitors register for a personal profile, their Field Journal, to save and store their progress. After this first registration visitors use Basecamp as the start of each assignment, by logging in to one of the Field Journal stations with their own RFID wristband.

Interactive quests and thematic missions tie the centre’s breadth of information, and rich storytelling, into memorable moments.

In Photo Safari visitors put their photography skills to the test. The photos they take are saved in their Field Journal and can be shared online with friends and family using Digital Souvenirs.

Back in Basecamp, visitors try out some of the adventurous outfits they have collected as a reward for their achievements, and plan their next field mission at one of the Basecamp stations on the floor.

NGUX - Basecamp
NGUX - Basecamp
NGUX - Basecamp
NGUX - Basecamp

To store the progress of all visitors on their individual RFID-wristbands, we used our in-house software platform Backstage. All information is stored securely with privacy regulations in mind.

Basecamp is available in the new National Geographic Ultimate Explorer theme parks in China, Mexico and Kuwait.

''An excellent experience for children!”

Carlo Solveram, Tripadvisor review