National Museum of Qatar

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Studio Louter
Opera Amsterdam

AVICOM F@IMP 2.0 (Interpreting Exhibition Installation)
International Design Award Bronze (Multimedia-Interactive Media)
MUSE Design Award Silver (Exhibits)
SBID Award Nomination

Experience the culture and heritage of Qatar

In March 2019 the impressive National Museum of Qatar opened in Doha. Specific places for families have been set up in the 1.5 kilometer meandering exhibition. These are like peaceful stops along a river bed, places to rest and play in the shade. Here, the story of Qatar is told to families with children aged five to fifteen in an interactive and exciting way. For the family exhibitions Natural History, Navigation & Movement and Life on the Land, Kiss the Frog developed a total of seventeen digital and interactive games and projections

The museum, designed by the award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel, not only tells about the rich history of Qatar. It also tells the story of its inhabitants, from the distant past into the future.

Visitors explore the Qatari culture of nomadic movement, during a one year cycle, by following movements of people, animals and ships on a projected model of Qatar. They can experience where, why and how journeys were made and how these were driven by the seasons.

Children discover the flora and fauna of Qatar. Four landscapes form an immersive projection on the wall. In one of the interactive exhibits, children equip an animal with the right features to survive and see it come to life in the air, land or water.

One of the family exhibits is about navigation, focusing on how to find your way through the deserts of Qatar, and how to survive. Using motion tracking technology, visitors control the flying of a falcon and give commands to a saluki dog.

Children assess which animals are useful to survive in the desert and learn to read their tracks.

In the gallery ‘Life on the Land’, children learn about the daily lives and activities of traditional Qatari. They can participate in a coffee ritual, experience how hard it is to collect water from a well, weave a large piece of cloth and discover the differences between their own daily routine and that of a child in 1959.

“Don't hesitate to take your kids. They will be entertained at every corner!”

Bakoe, Tripadvisor review