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Awards en nominations
Bronzen award European Design Awards 2017 (category Exhibition Design)
Nominated for the Museums + Heritage Awards 2017 (category International)
Winner Design Week Awards 2017 (category Exhibition Design)
Museum of the Year 2018 (BankGiro Loterij Museumprijs 2018)

Join the challenging hunt for energy at sea!

In a world dominated by discussions about energy, the “Offshore” exhibition introduces the unique topic of energy production at sea. The experience takes the visitor to a virtual drilling platform, surrounded by a 360-degree projection of the open sea, where they are decked out in a safety vest and helmet. Here they discover the extraordinary effort that is required by companies and individuals in the offshore industry – just to go about their daily business.

The exhibition gives visitors a peek into the offshore energy industry, the quiet achiever that operates out of public view but is one of the most innovative sectors in the Netherlands.

Once visitors have signed up they gain access to nine interactive exhibits. A QR code on the entrance ticket lets them start every interactive and allows the system to keep track of their results.

A helicopter needs guidance to land on a small helipad, the visitor helps using gestures that are detected by a Kinect. Two arms up for upward, pointing to the right for right, and so on. The virtual helicopter follows the instructions from the visitor.

The exhibition focuses on the reality of now, but also sends visitors home with a message about reaching a sustainable energy future. Visitors can vote for the best sustainable idea for producing energy at sea. Will it have been suggested by a professional offshore engineer or by an eight-year-old primary school pupil?

“With the experience and effort from Kiss the Frog the interactives have been developed and realised into an integrated assesment.”

Rinske Jurgens, senior project leader Maritime Museum Rotterdam