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Playing and working together

The Junior Palace in Paleis het Loo is an imaginative reflection of our own world. Here kids can do what can't be done in the historic palace. Visitors stroll through the colourful palace rooms, from the Bureau of Kitchen Affairs to the Bureau of Dance Affairs. They meet the Majesties and their staff. There are friends from other countries visiting. Like the queen with bee fur, the king who likes boys' and girls' clothes and a female knight. They are the guests of honour. Using the 'Kingsta', a variant of the smartphone, visitors will carry out an assignment from The Majesties and the Stone Masters. They will organise an unforgettable party for their guests from all over the world! And how do they make the guests of honour feel welcome and important? Children from 3-12 years get to work with cakes, flowers and perfume bottles. Partially with 'real stuff', and partially in a digital world. They will learn a dance and end up at a great party! Kiss the Frog was responsible for the design and development of the interactive games. We also developed the overarching Kingsta application and provided illustrations for the guests of honour.

Each family or small group of visitors receives a device called Kingsta. This is used by the fictional characters of the palace to communicate with the visitors. Information that is needed in the several games, can be started by scanning at each station with the same device.

Paleis het Loo - Juniorpaleis

Kiss the Frog has been commissioned by Paleis Het Loo to provide illustrations and animations of the honoured guests in the Junior Palace.

In the game “Flower Surprise,” visitors create a floral arrangement for their guests of honour. Physical flowers can be scanned to be digitally incorporated into the flower arrangement. Once the arrangement is complete, it is carried away to the banquet hall.

Visitors are asked to decorate a cake for their honoured guests. This can be done using treats that can be stamped with a piping bag or with toppings offered on the screen. Once the visitor is satisfied, the cake is carried away to the banquet hall.

After all the assignments, the children dress festively for the party. The party is in full swing in the hall. Visitors meet their own guests of honour and greet them with a royal bow. Together they dance the learned royal dances.

Paleis het Loo - Juniorpaleis

"Here you can touch everything. I think it's a ten!"

Annelin (8) and Maxim (9)