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Benjamin Healley

Road Safety Education Complex

This world-first road safety experience in Australia works to create a future in which no lives are lost on our roads. The Road Safety Education Complex uses cutting-edge interactives to help students and the wider community understand their own vulnerability, and what choices they should make to stay safe and achieve a vision of zero deaths on the road. Kiss the Frog were asked to contribute in the strategic planning phase of the project. We created the overaching exhibition concept, and developed briefs for each interactive exhibit, together with the museum’s educational team, the TAC’s content experts, and the exhibition designers E2.

Open since 2018, this is the first centre of its kind in the world. The interactive exhibition is dedicated to teaching young teens about road safety in a highly interactive manner, that appeals to young people and is not overly didactic.

The exhibition concept is based on the use of a RFID wristband, with which visitors access personal content at diverse touchpoints of the exhibition.

Road and car safety innovations have changed tremendously throughout the decades, and today’s cars and roads are much safer than they were in the past. This virtual reality experience explores safety innovations through time, from the design of the first car until now.

One of the interactives demonstrates five key safety features that help prevent crashes and protect vehicle occupants via 3D projection mapping onto a model car.

“We know young people learn best when material is presented in an interactive and engaging way.”

Luke Donnellan, Australian Minister for Roads and Road Safety