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Awards and nominations
Heritage in Motion Award: Special Mention

A unique interaction between visitors and objects

ROBOCASE brings objects closer to the visitor. The visitor can explore their chosen object alongside a multimedia presentation on the touchscreen. He surprises the visitor by presenting objects in an associative manner by bringing them together in various storylines. Thematically grouped or randomly picked, he can present your objects in the way you prefer. Every single piece of your collection, big or small, can be integrated within the case to be shown to the public. He allows museums to open up their depot to the public and present their collection in an interactive way.

ROBOCASE is expertly designed to present a collection with the highest precision and safety. It offers a unique solution for on-gallery climate and lighting control for sensitive objects.

ROBOCASE can be fully customised to the specifications of diverse collection items; taking into account their size, mounting and quantity.

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