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Robotics Lab

The National Geographic Ultimate Explorer (NGUX) is an interactive theme park where familes can explore the planet using hands-on controls combined with virtual reality, video mapping, tracking and 4D effects. The experience is aimed at children aged between 5 and 14, and is designed to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, astronauts, biologists, oceanographers and explorers. Kiss the Frog co-designed and developed the new attraction ''Robotics Lab'' where kids learn to program their own robot. In this game, robots explore Mars to collect samples and relay data back to Earth. An overhead projector shows the Martian surface and four home bases. Four touch consoles around the arena each control the location and orientation of one of the physical robots. The projected world responds to the robots as they move around, according to the directions given by visitors for them to perform tasks. A motion tracking system allows the software to track the robots and align the virtual and physical worlds.

Players drag and drop commands into an instruction queue, setting out tasks for their robot to perform in the projected environment. The combination of wild Martian storms and limited time keeps the game exciting.

The physical robots have projected elements around them, to help the players understand their current set of commands and behaviour. Players program the robot and see a live visualisation of the path they are setting out.

The gameplay concept and theme was proven, shaped and refined together with the client through extensive testing during development. With custom-built prototypes the interactive exhibits could be played and tested with children at an early stage.

Robotics Lab National Geographic
Robotics Lab National Geographic
Robotics Lab National Geographic
Robotics Lab National Geographic

Robotics Lab will open later this year in several National Geographic Ultimate Explorer parks spread across the world.

“The Nat Geo Ultimate Explorer is a super fun interactive park!”

Adriana, Tripadvisor review