The National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

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Interactives as part of the story

In 2011 the newly renovated National Maritime Museum opened its doors. The museum shows their visitors how the sea has shaped the Dutch culture. With attractive, interactive exhibits that invite you to explore 500 years of maritime history! Kiss the Frog developed 18 multimedia exhibits. Each interactive emphasises the message of the exhibited objects.

Kiss the Frog was already involved in designing the exhibit at an early stage.

During the installation of the interactives theory is put into practice. Stress tests, network connections and the final updates all come together.

On a large projected table the Netherlands and the North Sea are visible. An interactive timeline shows the changing landscape from 1500, drawing attention to the slow process of draining the land.

In the Captain’s Log a ship log book comes to life. Flip through the book one page at a time and the projections on the page will bring its rich history to life.

Everybody knows what to do here! With a big tracker ball the visitor controls the angle and view of a variety of historical globes, on an immense projection.

''The museum is very interactive which makes it fun for young and old!''

Jasper, visitor review Tripadvisor