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Siemens Customer Experience Centre at Expo 2020 Dubai

For the Siemens Customer Experience Centre (“The Blueprint”) at the Expo 2020 Dubai, Kiss the Frog designed and developed two interactive experiences. The assignment consisted of the user interface and user experience design, the development of front- and back-end software and the integration with the hardware onsite. Furthermore, we developed a Content Management System, the connection of the interactives with show control software, and a tablet application to host sessions (and activate particular presentations based on a group of visitors). The first interactive is a wall-to-wall panoramic projection in which ‘particles’ move through the room. Five Kinects, on top of the projection, detect visitors when they are positioned on hotspots marked on the floor. As soon as a visitor is detected, a video on the Internet of Things is played in front of him which explains more about relevant Siemens topics. At specific moments there is a complete take-over of the projection by a general Siemens video. The second interactive consists of four stations with Leap Motion technology. Visitors can select and browse through different presentations by using hand gestures. The presentations show in-depth information supported by 3D models.

The Blueprint: A Customer Experience Centre at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai. It invites visitors to explore Siemens’ blueprint for future cities and a more resilient world.

The interactive is a space-filling projection in which ‘particles’ move throughout the room. Once the visitor is detected by the body tracking camera, the particles transform into an object. This object animates and tells a short visual story.

Using the control panel in front of the presentation screen, visitors can access the content. All content is controlled by hand gestures. The main menu shows an overview of all available presentations, using swipes and select gestures a presentation can be selected and played.

Kiss the Frog developed a content management system for Siemens to add, adjust or delete content in the experience. An additional application has been developed to control and manage different sessions. Specific content can be set up in advance to demonstrate to targeted groups.