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Jorrit Lousberg

Discover Dutch satire

The new temporary exhibition 'Seriously Funny', which can be seen in the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision from 8 February 2019, shows the richness of the satire tradition in the Netherlands. The exhibition lets visitors experience the social significance of satire within the current media landscape: mocking and funny, sometimes biting and painful, sometimes groundbreaking or even light-hearted. Together with Sound and Vision, Kiss the Frog designed, developed and installed the interactive exhibits.

Visitors discover their own boundaries. When is something a joke, and when is it just plain rude? Which television fragments feel just right, and which are too harsh for their taste?

Crawl into the King’s skin. Visitors speak to the people from a throne and address their compatriots.

“Working together with Kiss the Frog feels effortless. They are involved, have a positive attitude and often sharpen the project, which you'll notice in the end result.”

Karen Drost,  Museum Presentations and Interaction Specialist Sound and Vision