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Redrum (AV)
Elastique (Museum app)
XPEX (Concept)
Tinker (Spatial design)
BeamSystems (Hardware)
Bruns (Exhibition construction)

Jorrit Lousberg, Light at work

World's most interactive museum

In February 2023, the most interactive Media Museum in the world opened its doors in Sound & Vision. Across five zones, you can discover how media influences you and vice versa. Create your own news, be a news reporter, take the role of an influencer or create your own game. Kiss the Frog was responsible for the design and development of fifty interactive exhibits in the new Media Museum. In addition, we have developed a visitor identification system with face recognition. The system recognises the visitor at the interactive station and automatically starts a personalised game that matches the visitor's profile. We have also installed our digital souvenirs platform to ensure that the media profile and all results made by each visitor are stored and can be shared after their visit.

Upon entering the experience, visitors create their own profile in the ‘Tune In’ zone. The use of facial recognition in combination with their smartphone creates a personalised media journey. The more they do in the museum, the richer and more varied their Media Profile becomes. After the visit, we send their results and souvenirs to their e-mail address to view, download and share.

Get in front of the camera as a reporter and make your own news report. Visitors are newsmakers themselves: create a news website, a sports summary or show news report about a celebrity. And how good are you at recognising fake news?

Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum
Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum

Visitors can build their own game, race through old and new racing games and learn what it takes to create a game. Or they play ”the floor is lava” together on the immense interactive play floor.

Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum
Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum

Discover how to tell stories in the media. What techniques do media creators use to tell stories and make people ‘binge-watch’ a series? Visitors get started as film directors in their own studio or walk the red carpet to discover their hero type.

Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum
Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum

Visitors experience the temptations they face every day in the media. They guess which products are recommended by role models, discover how stealthy advertising can be and create their own successful campaign as an influencer.

Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum
Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum

We share more and more love and sufferings with each other online. Visitors can play with their facial expressions, guess the social media profile of others and find out if they are biased. Nasty forbidden messages are also shared online. Visitors experience what that feels like by reading out hate comments.

Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum
Beeld & Geluid Mediamuseum

In the Media Lounge, visitors can take a look at the world of Sound & Vision. Learn more about the institute and its activities. They can also dive deeper into the audiovisual archive of Sound & Vision.

''The result is a completely new experience that fits in with the current media era of social media, smartphones, virtual reality and fake news.''

Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer, Director Sound & Vision