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Torden & Lynild

The history of textile in the 'Tekstilmuseet'

This exhibition tells visitors how the textile industry changed Midtjylland. In the 1950s, the industry and cities grew explosively. Men and women were hired to work in the factories or started their own workshop - new living conditions were formed. This is the story of Denmark turning into a modern society and how the changing textile industry not only changed Herning, but also the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

When entering the world of textile, visitors can take a ‘textile selfie’. As they look into the camera they see their textile self as an embroidery version.

With this T-shirt machine you learn the ‘true cost’ of a T-shirt. Experience the consequences the production of a T-shirt has on an environmental and social level. How much are you really willing to pay for your T-shirt?

Throughout the exhibition visitors can watch and listen to short testimonials of people of Herning working in the textile industry.

In this game the visitors experience a day-in-a-life of a woman who works at home around the 1950’s. The visitor will sew on a virtual sewing machine, but also needs to deal with the distractions at home like taking care of children, a ringing phone or cooking. Photos: Ard Jongsma.

“Working with Kiss the Frog has been a great, inspiring and fun experience! We hope to do it again.”

Celia Ekelund Simonsen, museum inspector and project manager Museum Midtjylland