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Experimenting and learning in the historical Lorentz Lab

After many years of research, renovation and rebuilding the Lorentz Lab in Teylers Museum was opened by the King of the Netherlands Willem Alexander. Visitors go back in time to when the Nobel Prize winner Hendrik Antoon Lorentz had his own lab in the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Kiss the Frog designed and developed an interactive workshop with an educational app for high-school students, where they can perform historical experiments with replicas of famous instruments.

Lorentz was the father of physics in his time. Albert Einstein looked up to him as a key source of inspiration. During a pre-visit lesson program, developed for smartboards, the students get to know more about him.

At the beginning of the workshop the students form small teams, and each team signs in to the app. The teams spread out across the lab and each selects their own experiment to work on.

The app offers students the ability to take photos and videos, record notes and make drawings. After the visit all these results are gathered and emailed to the students and their teacher, as material for discussion during a post-visit presentation at their school.

''The collaboration with Kiss the Frog was great! They listened well to what we wanted and helped bring our wild ideas to life!" 

Fieke Kroon, Education Teylers Museum