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Vrak - Museum of Wrecks is a new museum in Stockholm. Kiss the Frog designed and developed five interactive exhibits. The exhibits show visitors what marine archaeology is and how new knowledge is acquired. Three of the five exhibits are part of 'The Assignment' in which visitors take on the role of maritime archaeologist and, with the help of colleagues from the field, unravel the story behind the Anna Maria wreck. First, the visitors dive down to a shipwreck with VR. Second, they analyze objects found on the dive and third, they look into a virtual historical archive, to trace back the story and discover why the ship sank. Furthermore, Kiss the Frog has developed an informative display about eight different ship types and visitors can spread a digital pattern over a paddle and water in the interactive projection 'Ornamentation'.

The King of Sweden inaugurated Vrak – Museum of Wrecks. We heard the King was especially impressed by our VR-experience where you explore a ship wreck as a professional diver.

Vrak Museum of Wrecks
Vrak Museum of Wrecks

After the VR experience, visitors analyse the objects found during the dive. They also dive into a virtual historical archive to uncover the story and discover why the ship sank.

Vrak Museum of Wrecks
Vrak Museum of Wrecks

The fourth exhibit shows and tells about eight different ship types. A 3D model of each type is visible with a specific part highlighted. The visitor can turn the model around and read more about the specific type.

Finally, visitors operate an interactive projection. Using a brush, they select and place a pattern on a physical paddle, after which it spreads over the blade of the paddle and the water.

"It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we will get a chance to work together again soon.”

Andreas Braula, Exhibition designer, Expology