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Project What If is the new permanent exhibition at We The Curious in Bristol. It is the first science museum where you leave with more questions than answers. And that's exactly the point, because the foundation of all science lies in... curiosity. The project is based on 10,000 questions collected from every postcode in Bristol. From all these questions, seven were selected and are central to the exhibition. Questions on themes such as: happiness, the universe, invisibility, discovery, your soul, illness, and time. In one of the games, visitors put down their hands to start. Zooming out from their hand to the level of the universe to return the journey zooming in up to the level of blood vessels in their hand. A game that invites you to reflect on your place in our universe. Kiss the Frog developed in co-operation with Bruns multiple interactive games.

A big portrait screen acts as a big mirror where visitors are asked if they think they have a soul? And if so, where do they think the soul would sit? Through the use of Kinect camera technology, visitors can place the soul in an avatar on screen. After this, they can see what other visitors have done.

We The Curious
We The Curious
We The Curious

A straightforward setup with a powerful impact. By changing the colour on-screen using an interactive colour wheel, you can change the colour of the entire room. Experience how colour affects your mood and feelings.

We The Curious
We The Curious