Kröller-Müller Museum – Painting with the masters

One dot at a time… this is how pointillist painter Georges Seurat built up his masterpieces. In honour of the exhibition celebrating his life’s work, visitors to the Kröller-Müller museum can now try it out for themselves!

Using a unique 3D-printed paintbrush that gives the right tactile sensation, visitors can digitally ‘paint’. They select a detail of a masterpiece that they wish to copy, and paint directly onto the digital canvas. When they are finished, their little square of paint takes its place in the complete artwork, seamlessly fading in if they have done a good job.

Besides George Seurat, visitors can also choose to copy masterpieces of Piet Mondriaan and Vincent van Gogh, to emphasise the difference between the brush strokes of these three painters. And of course, all newly-trained ‘painters’ receive their finished artwork in their email inbox when they are done.

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