On September 29, the Danish LEGOⓇ House in Billund opened its doors, offering innovative play experiences, co-designed and developed by Kiss the Frog. The twelve one-of-a-kind interconnected interactive exhibits, embodying LEGOⓇ’s ‘learning through play’ philosophy, were completed in close collaboration with LEGO over a period of three years. Kiss the Frog displays a marriage between intuitive front end design and smart back end solutions in the LEGO House.

The experiences include

  • a stop-motion studio where visitors learn moviemaking in 20 minute sessions.
  • a Robo Lab where visitors navigate MindstormsⓇ robots on an Arctic landscape to save frozen minifigs that help to defrost prehistoric mammoths.
  • City Architect, where visitors are encouraged to plan and build giant cities that are magically brought to live with interactive technology.

Kiss the Frog believes this unique project sets an industry standard for experience centres now and in the future. In the LEGO House, the digital layer is designed in a way that goes seamlessly hand in hand with the physical play. Instead of ‘getting in the way’ or attracting all the attention, the digital layer is there to enhance the focus to the main hero of the house: the LEGO brick.

Testing with kids
Kiss the Frog carefully designed and developed all interactive exhibits in an iterative process and extensively tested with kids in both a group and individual setting. On more than one occasion, the team at Kiss the Frog aimed for the balance in developing quick prototypes, but still provide software that is fun, great looking and could survive a multiple day test environment like the LEGO World events in Copenhagen and Utrecht.

Innovative technology integration
LEGO is known for thinking outside of the brick, which made Kiss the Frog a perfect partner in the process of developing future proof one-of-a-kind experiences for the LEGO House. Examples of innovative technologies are integrations with colour detection camera’s in City Architect, use of LEGO Mindstorms robots in combination with motion tracking technology in Robo Lab. In the end, the result of Kiss the Frog’s work lives up to LEGO’s well-known ‘only the best is good enough’. A mantra Kiss the Frog further internalised over the journey of the project.

Dutch invasion
In this unique project, Kiss the Frog was part of a consortium of Dutch companies. Under the umbrella of Kubik (project management), Kiss the Frog worked closely together with Bruns (interactive exhibits) and Mansveld (AV and IT implementation). In combination with all the experts at LEGO, this resulted in a highly skilled team partnering up in in a way that is rare for projects of this magnitude.

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