LEGO® House
Home of the Brick

LEGO® awards digital layer co-design and development of the LEGO® House to Kiss the Frog

Kiss the Frog is excited and proud to announce the collaboration with LEGO® on the one-of-a kind experience centre, the LEGO® House. In the 12,000 m2 newly constructed architectural wonder, fans of all ages can experience the company’s story and the endless possibilities of the LEGO® brick.

The LEGO® House consists of specially designed play zones from different, but interconnected play worlds. The play zone activities and exhibits offer guests completely unique LEGO® experiences, inviting them to use their minds as well as their hands. Visitors are also presented with the family company and the development of the LEGO® products, the LEGO® brand and the LEGO® Group. As a multimedia design agency, Kiss the Frog fills the digital layer of the LEGO® House with meaningful experiences. In the second half of 2017, the LEGO® House – Home of the Brick opens in Billund, Denmark.

Kiss the Frog operates in a consortium led by Kubik, a full service 3D marketing firm, also including Bruns (interactive exhibits) and Mansveld (AV and electrical engineering).

Further details about this prestigious project will be announced at a later date.
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