Madurodam’s Digital Souvenirs

In the miniature park Madurodam, visitors can undertake various interactive activities which produce digital souvenirs as a memento of their visit. They can fly through the park, create their personal DJ-mix, or enter the innovative “Fantasitron”, a 3D scanner which records their entire body.

We have recently improved the processes by which visitors receive these mementos. Now all of the results are collated in a single location on our Digital Souvenirs platform, rather than being spread across different channels. On their own personal page visitors receive a preview of their Fantistron scan – a miniature figurine of themselves. With a single click on a button they can order a 3D-printed statue of themselves via Shapeways, the world’s largest 3D printing service. Digital Souvenirs integrates directly with this service to streamline the process, and every month hundreds of visitors use it to order a miniature statue.

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