“Mijn Beeld en Geluid”

The Dutch Institute of Sound & Vision contains the huge interactive exhibition called “The Media Experience”, with a stunning variety of different kinds of hands-on digital activities. The exhibits are designed to get visitors involved with material from the archive, playing with it or using it to make their own creations. There are 25 different exhibits that deliver a personalised result such as a film, photo or animation.

Last year, we drastically modernised the manner in which visitors receive their digital souvenirs. Through our Digital Souvenirs platform visitors can receive content during their visit, rather than afterwards, which means they can instantly enjoy and share their experience. The souvenirs are sent straight to their smartphone, in high definition quality. In The Media Experience we see that the visitors actively and enthusiastically create digital souvenirs, downloading and sharing up to 50.000 every month.

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Institute for Sound and Vision

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