Museum of English Rural Life

At the Museum of English Rural Life, even the most urban of visitors will have their preconceptions challenged! With a variety of exhibits that look into past and future, the contemporary relevance of country living is placed firmly in the spotlight. Visitors to the museum will discover immersive galleries which explore questions of identity, environment, technology, culture and health within the context of the English countryside.

Visitors learn how hard it can be to be a farmer in the game “Help! Lambing time”. They experience first-hand the chaos of spring in the country – can they keep an eye on all the sheep in the field at once, and deliver strong, healthy lambs? In ‘Seasonal Chef’ they are challenged to make a dish with local and seasonal products, and learn about the benefits of cooking in this way. A multiplayer exhibit named for the exhibition – “Our Country Lives” – sparks all important conversations between visitors by asking them a series of pressing questions… where is our society heading?

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University of Reading – Museum of English Rural Life, Readings, United Kingdom

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