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In a world dominated by discussions about energy, the “Offshore” exhibition introduces the unique topic of energy production at sea. The experience takes the visitor to a virtual drilling platform, surrounded by a 360-degree projection of the open sea, where they are decked out in a safety vest and helmet. Here they discover the extraordinary effort that is required by companies and individuals in the offshore industry – just to go about their daily business.

Visitors can step into the shoes of an offshore worker by trying out various activities; unloading a cargo ship onto a platform, landing a helicopter on a small landing pad, drilling for oil at sea or finding the right spot for a wind farm. The results of all these tasks are stored and evaluated. At the end each visitor receives a certificate, with an overview on their performance in skills such as stress resistance, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, risk awareness, analytical capacities and creativity.

The Offshore exhibition is based in the ‘now’ but looks toward the future – visitors wrap up their visit by voting for sustainable energy production ideas, before they step back onto dry land.

Item (Dutch only) on the children’s news show ‘Jeugdjournaal’ about the Offshore exhibition at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. Click the image or this link to view the news item on the NPO website. The item about the Offshore exhibition starts at 5:12.

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