Rotterdam Public Library

“Erasmus keeps you sharp” – this is the slogan of the Erasmus Experience in Rotterdam’s public library, which celebrates one of the city’s most famous residents. Even though Erasmus lived 500 years ago, his ideas are still just as relevant to us today as they were back then. Visitors can stretch their philosophical muscles by responding to nine different statements: Should everyone be free to say whatever they want? Are arguments always bad?

Visitors participating in the Erasmus experience start by collecting an RFID wristband, and scanning their entire body with a Kinect. The resulting silhouette becomes an individual progress bar for their personal development, that gradually fills up as they absorb and reflect on the ideas of Desiderius Erasmus.
Visitors also have a chance to chat with the great man himself – and if they have proved themselves to worthy, there is one final treat in store for them. The vault of Erasmus’ works, which they can add their own ideas and words to. But only if they can get it open!

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Rotterdam Public Library, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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